This project is part of a mile-long design from Broadford Bridge down to Riverside Estates on the Big Wood River. A large stakeholder group consisting of City of Bellevue, Flood Control District #9, Diversion 45 Canal District, Friends of the Howard Preserve, several private landowners, Trout Unlimited and Wood River Land Trust, all contributed funds to this design.

The purpose of the design was to find flood mitigation solutions for private property and enhance floodplain and natural fluvial processes.

This project will reconnect floodplain and side channel habitat during bank full flow and increase in-stream fish habitat diversity by constructing a large wood structure and boulder cluster formations. These treatments will slow down velocities of flood flows to decrease erosion of private property to residences downstream of the project area. These treatments will also enhance floodplain habitat on the southern half of the Howard Preserve that will benefit fish and
wildlife species. Below is the stream restoration design. Funding sources are a flood mitigation grant with Idaho Water Resource Board, Flood Control District #9, and City of Bellevue. We estimate the project to be implemented by January, 2021.