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MAY 4 | 4:00-6:00 PM | BCRD Native Plant Arboretum 

Come volunteer at the BCRD Native Plant Arboretum! Learn about native Idaho plants, including the state tree and state flower. We will be doing some light pruning, raking, weeding, and plant wildflowers and shrub seedlings. We may also do some trail cleanup.

The Arboretum is located north of Fox Acres Road and the Wood River (“bike trail”) trailhead in Hailey.

 For Directions and additional information, please Sign up through THIS LINK.


MAY 8 | 10:00 AM-12:00 PM | Restoration and Weed Pull Event with the ERC at Simons/Bauer Preserve

We are partnering with the Environmental Resource Center (ERC) to host a Restoration and Weed Pull Event one Saturday a month, May-July. We will have a short guest speaker at each event to discuss topics about Biodiversity, Pollinators, etc.  We will do some wildflower identification and invasive species management, and other restoration needs.

Parking for the Simons/Bauer Preserve is at Lion's Park in Hailey. 

 For Directions and additional information, please Sign up through THIS LINK.



 APRIL 14 | 4:00-6:00PM | Greenhouse Seedling Transplant

Our Pollinator Initiative project needs help transplanting, repotting, and thinning seedlings at the Sage School greenhouse. In June at the pollinator meadow, we will be planting these seedlings at the Howard Preserve and various restoration projects throughout the season.

APRIL 22 | 1:00-5:00 PM | Colorado Gulch Fence Project

We need help taking down a fence in the Colorado Gulch Preserve. The project will involve metal clippers and walking on uneven surfaces, in and out of the woods, and carrying heavy material. Please bring gloves and problem-solving skills.

APRIL 27 | 1:00-6:00PM | Beaver Pond Project at Rock Creek

Our beavers have been super active lately Rock Creek tributary out on the Rinker Rock Creek Ranch!, We will need to install a pipe below a beaver dam. The pipe will help keep the water flowing and prevent flooding on Rock Creek Road. We will need volunteers to wear waders, be willing to carry heavy materials, and climb in and out of the stream. If you are eager to get dirty, this is the project for you!



2015 Ed and Carmen NorthenEd and Carmen Northern moved to the Wood River Valley in June, 2003. Since they had lived near the ocean for so many years, they thought they would visit the Valley and experience the mountain winter before taking the plunge. They moved here for two years and fell in love with the un-crowded spaces, the nearness of the Big Wood River and Silver Creek, and easily accessible mountain ranges for hiking, fishing, mountain biking and camping.

The two of them are committed to being good stewards of the Land Trust’s Boxcar Bend and Draper Wood River Preserve, and they have spent countless hours maintaining trails, pulling weeds, and performing other land management duties.

Of their association with the Land Trust, Carmen notes that they liked the idea of being involved with a local conservation group




"It seemed a natural choice to team up on projects since we have the same goals in wanting to protect the river and the wild areas of the valley."

— Ed and Carmen Northern Preserve Stewards

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