About Wood River Land Trust

Open spaces within this Valley are not just a backdrop—they are central to our daily lives.


Since 1994, the Wood River Land Trust has protected over 26,000 acres and 14 public preserves, providing wild spaces and happy places for our entire community. Places like Quigley Canyon, The Hailey Greenway, Boxcar Bens, and more, where we can provide recreational opportunities for hiking, biking and skiing; and precious habitat for elk, deer, beavers, and more. The surrounding landscapes provide endless wonder and inspiration. We want to create more areas like these so people can connect with nature—and each other. Together we can secure and nurture critical land, water, and wildlife habitat to ensure the extraordinary character of the valley is protected forever.

Our Mission

To protect and sustain the treasured landscapes and life-giving waters of the Wood River Valley and inspire love for this special place for generations to come.

Our Vision

Retain the brilliance of the Wood River Valley by catalyzing and executing lasting acquisitions and programs that secure and nurture critical land, water and wildlife habitat in perpetuity.

  • Secure and protect the iconic Lands we all love.
  • Sustain the life-giving river we call the Big Wood.
  • Enable a community movement and stewardship for lasting impact.