Sellgren Trail

At only 1.64 acres, the Sellgren Trail conservation easement ranks among the smallest projects Wood River Land Trust has undertaken. However, the small size does not equate to small importance. The easement, donated by the Sun Valley Company, provides an important link for the White Cloud trail system in Sun Valley. Chris Leman of Bigwood Backcountry Trails, which originally built the White Cloud trail, was thrilled when the deal was signed. “Permanent easements across private lands are a huge aspect of this project, allowing public access and trail connection for recreation,” he said. As part of the deal and the responsibility of holding an easement, the Land Trust regularly monitors the property while the Sun Valley Company maintains the trail. On the trail, you will have stunning views of the iconic Bald Mountain ski area and the town of Sun Valley. And, because of its southward facing slope, it’s a favorite spot for early spring .

Sellgren Trail
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