Race held 7.22.2023


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The Fish Run is a race that asks racers to run, catch a fish, and drink a beer (although that last part is optional).  The Big Wood Fish Run is an irreverent event that almost dares you to not take it seriously.  But, the 13 mile course and challenge to catch a fish in a section of river loaded with other competitors is nothing to sniff at.  This event will take strategy, cunning, and a willingness to think outside the box.  Will you try to catch a fish right out of the gate?  Will you run the fastest and go for the "Hail Mary" hole right above the finish line?  And don't discount the beer chug: If you can drink a beer in under 60 seconds (without spilling a drop!), you'll get 5 minutes knocked off your total time.  

If you feel like you have what it takes to compete in what is arguably the most ridiculously serious race of the summer, read all of the details in the Terms and Conditions document below, and sign up to participate!

Registration opens 3.1.2023