Wildfire Not Associated with Wetland Controlled Burn

By March 31, 2015June 17th, 2015Press Releases
2015 Wetland Wildfire

On March 31, 2015, a small wildfire occurred on City of Hailey property, just north of the Wood River Land Trust’s Draper Preserve. The fire was contained by local fire departments within a few hours of starting, and did not spread onto Land Trust property.

This wildfire was in no way connected to the controlled burn that was conducted on the Draper Preserve earlier in the month, which was was part of a restoration project in the Wetland. The controlled burn was facilitated on March 19th, a full 12 days prior to this fire, and was completely extinguished that same day.

Lastly, there was at least one precipitation event between the date of the controlled burn and this recent wildfire, and the ignition site of the wildfire was over 500 feet away from Land Trust property.

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