Jim Speck

Board Member

Jim grew up in Lake Placid, New York where he learned to ski in his backyard. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Dartmouth College in engineering science while competing for the College and the US Ski Team in Nordic Combined skiing. After a brief stint as an engineer in Palo Alto California, Jim enrolled in law school at the University of Colorado, eventually getting his law degree in 1976. While in law school, Jim took one year off to coach the US Nordic Combined team in 1973-74. Jim moved to Sun Valley in the Fall of 1976 and worked as a deputy county attorney for one year before joining a local private law firm in 1977. Jim focused his law practice on real estate and natural resources with an emphasis on water law until January 1, 2023 when he retired.

Jim met his future wife, Mary, while skiing on Baldy in 1980. They built their home in East Fork, were married there in 1984 and still live there today. Mary & Jim continue to participate in the many outdoor activities offered to those who have chosen the Wood River Valley as their home.

During his law career Jim worked on a few projects for the Wood River Land Trust and was excited to be asked to join its Board of Directors in June, 2023. Jim looks forward to helping the Land Trust in this new role to protect and preserve lands he has called home for almost 50 years!