Unfortunately, our Wildlife Cameras are having technical issues. We are addressing the issues and hope to come up with a solution soon. Thank you for your support!

If you don’t have a chance to visit the Draper Wood River Preserve in person, now you can experience the sights of nature at the Preserve and Croy Creek Wetlands in real time on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Users have access to two cameras, one overlooking the Wetlands and the other of the Bow Bridge of the Big Wood River.

The live streaming camera views take a moment to load, please be patient.  Thank You

Bow Bridge Camera

See the action on the River near the Bow Bridge at the Draper Preserve in Hailey. We currently have a large cottonwood that has fallen across the river, temporarily creating a new habitat feature for trout.

Wetland Camera

Check in on the Croy Creek wetlands at the Preserve in Hailey, and watch for the many species of wildlife that uses this area, including ducks, beavers, moose and more.

Utilizing the data

The Wetland water levels have been fluctuating more than normal since 2012. The Land Trust hopes to use data from the web camera videos, along with water sensors, to draw attention to the depleted aquifer, river health and other significant water issues we are facing in the Wood River Valley.

In addition to being able to view the change and character of the River and monitor the Wetland water level, the cameras provide users the opportunity watch the restoration projects scheduled for this spring.

One of the restoration projects the Land Trust is planning begins in spring 2015.  This multi-year effort to remove invasive Reed Canarygrass from the Wetlands will include re-vegetation of approximately three quarters of an acre with native species, improving water quality and wildlife habitat.