Envision a place…

where hills and mountains open into wide valleys, alive with slivers of green from where creeks and rivers run cold; open views of expansive sage meet the beginnings of evergreen forests; sprays of water produce fields of growing barely and alfalfa—a place where elk, moose and mountain lions call home. See in your mind’s eye the fisherman casting in hopes of large trout, families and children hiking in nature, and enthusiastic friends mountain-biking sun-soaked trails.

Incredibly, this place does exist. In fact, it is minutes from our homes in the Wood River Valley, and it stretches into the Pioneer Mountains, the Boulder Mountains, the Sawtooth range and the lava sagebrush plains. It is well-known for its world-class recreation, its stunning beauty and its laid-back way-of-life. This glorious, accessible and awe-inspiring open space is what makes the Wood River Valley such a desired place to live and visit.

Yet the delicate balance and existence of our natural resources are at risk. We know that the future will bring increasing demands on land and water from a growing population. Now is the time to act. Please join with the Wood River Land Trust in saving and restoring this wonderful place.