June 15, 2022

2022 Quigley Canyon Updates

Back in 2017 when the Quigley annexation happened, the City of Hailey, Blaine County, the Land Trust, the Blaine County Recreation District, and the landowner came together with a plan to protect over 1200 acres of the canyon while concentrating development close to the city boundary (adjacent to existing infrastructure).  

As part of that agreement, part of that development area was annexed into the City of Hailey, and an additional 24 units within the county’s jurisdiction were planned for.  There is language in the easement for these lots that specifies that ideally, they would be concentrated near the existing infrastructure, that they would not impact the hillside, and that they would be designed to allow for existing trails.

Currently, the City, County, landowner, the Blaine County Recreation District, and Land Trust are working together to envision what those 24 lots (originally approved and written into the easement in 2017), could look like, and how they could integrate with the existing wildlife, recreation, and community uses in Quigley Canyon.

The Wood River Land Trust has been a leading advocate for smart growth, and understands that the future will contain some development.  So, we advocate for reimagining how we grow, in order to preserve habitat, open space, and the Big Wood river and its tributaries.  With over ⅔ of the canyon being preserved for habitat and community enjoyment, the Quigley development is a great example of what we can accomplish when our community can come together to envision a future for all residents of the Valley - human and wild.