December 14, 2020

Updates on the Croy Creek Extension to the Hailey Greenway Master Plan

In 2020, both Wood River Land Trust and the City of Hailey acquired new properties along Croy Creek Rd. between Lions Park and Mountain Humane.  The recent addition of the Land Trust’s Simons/Bauer Preserve and the City’s property gives us the opportunity to update and extend the Hailey Greenway Master Plan completed in 2017.

Thank you to everyone who participated in public meetings earlier this spring on the Croy Canyon update to the Hailey Greenway Master Plan.

In January of this year, the City of Hailey announced plans to apply for a grant to develop a campground on Croy Canyon Road, on City owned land, adjacent to the Wood River Land Trust’s Simons/Bauer Preserve.  After hearing both concerns and support for the site of the potential campground, the City and the Land Trust hosted a series of public meetings, to discuss appropriate uses and amenities in the Croy Canyon corridor as an extension of the Hailey Greenway. 

Harmony Design & Engineering facilitated the process and are currently compiling the results of both meetings to include in an update to the Hailey Greenway Master Plan.  We expect this report to be presented to the Hailey City Council on June 14, 2021.  The City will post the meeting agenda and time here when it is available.  

To view the presentation at the second public meeting, with several alternatives, click here. To view a draft of the final report click here. Please note this is a DRAFT and will be finalized based on decisions to be made by the City of Hailey and the Wood River Land Trust.  The final document will be made part of the Hailey Greenway Master Plan.

Other documents related to the meetings may be found here.

If you would like to submit questions or comments please email Keri York at 


We are working with the City on the planning process for the City's Croy Canyon parcel.  If the City decides to relocate the campground and sell portions of their Croy Canyon parcel, the Land Trust would undergo fundraising efforts for an acquisition.  At this time, we can accept pledges towards purchase of the City of Hailey’s parcel in Croy Canyon.  We appreciate your support, and if there comes a time when the City is a willing seller of that property, we can contact you about your wish to donate to the project. Any charitable donations to the Land Trust prior to having a willing seller will be used to support our conservation efforts in the Wood River Valley.