What is Trout Friendly?

How we care for our gardens, lawns and landscapes directly affects the health of our river, fishery and aquifer. Help us protect these limited and valuable resources and build community awareness on protecting our water. The Trout Friendly program promotes simple (or advanced) steps to create attractive landscapes that promote water and soil health. It’s free to join the and you’ll receive invitations to soil and water workshops, seminars, home tours, and a free lawn sign to display your support of the program.

The Trout Friendly Program:

  • Reduces water use
  • Reduces or eliminates the use of synthetic fertilizers and herbicides
  • Includes native and drought-tolerant plants

Certify your Landscape Trout Friendly

  • 1. Review the form, printable version click HERE

  • 2. Choose your level: Basic, Silver or Gold.

  • 3. Register online HERE or mail in the printable form:

    119 East Bullion Street
    Hailey, ID 83333

  • 4. Wood River Land Trust will contact you to schedule a visit and certify your landscape. 

  • 5. Proudly post your Trout Friendly sign!


“It takes community cooperation to protect one of our greatest resources – the Big Wood River”

"Attending one of the tours for the Trout Friendly Lawn program was truly inspiring to our family. As we embarked on our own landscaping project for a new lot, I was thrilled to see that we could follow water conservation practices while having beautiful results. Seeing a real life example on the tour made the difference."

Ketchum Resident