Special Projects are partnerships in which Wood River Land Trust works with local, state, and federal agencies to restore the health of city and county-owned lands. The WRLT’s Special Projects have included the restoration of historic homes within the community, sometimes used as affordable staff and intern housing, and also as office or meeting space.

Anderson House

Lyn and David Anderson love the Wood River Valley. They also love hiking in our wide, open spaces, which is one of the reasons they are leaders in the conservation movement. When they noted that the Land Trust needed inexpensive housing for the staff and summer interns, they offered to help.Because of their generosity, the house next to our office was purchased and renovated, using recycled materials from the Building Material Thrift Store and featuring green building options. The landscaping was re-done to meet the gold standards set out in our Trout Friendly program. The Anderson House now houses two interns each summer and currently is the home of one of our full-time staff members.

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Aspen House

Aspen The Aspen House, at 541 Aspen Drive in Hailey, provides a parking area for access to the east side of the Draper Wood River Preserve, while also providing affordable staff housing for Wood River Land Trust staff members who manage the Preserve.  The project has included renovation and upgrades for the house, as well as creation of the parking area and attractive landscaping to make visitors feel like they are entering a nature preserve, rather than a park.

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Fox House
C.2.d.3 Fox House page photo beforeThe Fox House, a historic house in Old Hailey, dates back to the 1881 when it was one of the original log cabins in the town.  Over the years since then, the house has gone through several expansions by various owners to become the two-story structure that it is today.
In 2000, the house came on the market and was purchased by Wood River Land Trust.  Over the next two years, renovations were completed by staff and contractors with great care to preserve the historic significance within the structure, resulting in a unique office space for Land Trust staff.
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