Help Protect Croy Canyon

Together, we can expand the popular Hailey Greenway, and protect what makes our home so amazing – but we need your help.

We have an opportunity to add 118 acres to the Hailey Greenway to protect habitat for wildlife, restore critical floodplain reconnection for the Big Wood River, and create a new place for people to experience nature close to town.

Let’s create another win-win-win for the community.

An Asset for the Community

Access to a healthy river and abundant recreational opportunities are critical to our way of life. Enhanced hiking, fishing, birding, biking, learning, and connecting – these are just a few of the activities this new preserve has the potential to provide for the community and anyone who loves our Valley.

The preserve will connect the popular trails at the Draper Wood River Preserve with the new Mountain Humane campus in Croy Canyon. This means more opportunities for you and your furry friends to enjoy the outdoors in a relatively pristine setting. More opportunities for you to enjoy the unrivaled open spaces view of the Valley, additional trails for you to hike, more ways for our community’s youth to engage with nature, improved habitat for our river and wildlife, and a priceless treasure for all to enjoy.

But we still need your help to cross the finish line. With your support, we are confident that we can meet the collective vision of a healthier, more diverse, and more accessible Wood River Valley – for both wildlife and people.

Ecological Importance

The 118-acre property is an important wildlife and potential recreation corridor and contains extensive wetlands including a 1-mile section of Croy Creek that feeds into the Big Wood. Studies have shown that 85% of all wildlife species native to the area- both aquatic and terrestrial – depend on riparian and/or wetland habitat at some time during their life. This includes elk, waterfowl, songbirds, beavers, amphibious and fish species. The property also contains an artisan spring that serves as a critical water resource for Hailey, our river, the wetlands, and our wildlife.

Following the 2017 floods, the Land Trust and the City of Hailey worked to incorporate flood mitigation concepts into the Hailey Greenway Master Plan. The concept with the biggest potential impact is reconnecting the Big Wood River to its floodplain at Lions Park. This would allow the river to once again sheet-flood the Croy Creek wetlands on the proposed preserve, slow down floodwaters, and deposit sediment there instead of downstream near the Della View neighborhood.   These efforts will take multiple years, as we’ll be working with multiple federal and local agencies to remove the old fill material under Lions Park, but it’s part of a holistic strategy that would reduce the need for costly and destructive actions on the Big Wood if we were to try to merely deal with the effects of the flooding instead of the cause. Right now, we need your support to accomplish the first step in that process to get the ball rolling – purchasing this property.

Acquiring this land behind Lions Park represents our best chance to address the cause of flooding, while protecting more habitat and places to connect to nature. That’s what we call a win-win-win.

Please consider a gift today to help make this a reality.  

The preserve has the capability to change how we deal with flooding in a holistic way that is beneficial to the habitat, the river, and our community.