Benefits of Protecting Your Land

Land is important to people for many different reasons, and Wood River Land Trust works with landowners to ensure that their goals are met for the protection of their land.

The following are a few of the reasons that landowners partner with the Land Trust:

  • Prevent development or ensure responsible development of their land
  • Permanent protection of valuable conservation resources on their land
  • Make property transfer to their heirs more economical
  • Realize economic and tax benefits

Some of the ways that landowners benefit from protecting their land by working with a land trust include:

  • Saving Limited Resources: Land is a scare resource. Efforts to conserve land lead to better scenic views, cleaner water, wildlife habitat, and more land to enjoy.
  • Tax Deductions: Qualified donations of land and conservation easements are tax deductible
  • Estate Planning: Conservation easements reduce the value of the land proportionally to how restrictive the terms are in the easement making the transfer of land to an heir less complicated. This in turn can reduce the amount of property taxes that are owed on it.
  • Increases Surrounding Property Values: Protected land has been proven to increase the value of land in surrounding areas.
  • Encourages Efficient Development: Land protected from development can encourage efficient development in existing areas rather than encouraging sprawl.

If you are interested in exploring how the Land Trust can help you protect your land, please contact us at 208-788-3947.