Providing a stunning backdrop to Bellevue, Cow Catcher Ridge Preserve buffers development along Highway 75 from the vast expanse of BLM to the east. The scenic ridge is dominated by rock outcroppings and sagebrush-steppe communities, including several varieties of sagebrush and various native grasses.

This setting provides excellent habitat for many species of songbirds, game birds, deer, and elk, and incredible views of the Wood River Valley for those who make the effort to venture to the top.

Preserve Details

Acres Protected

Getting There

To get to the Cowcatcher Ridge from downtown Hailey, head south on Main Street/Highway 75 for 5 miles and look for a left turn onto Elm Street. After .5 miles, turn left at 8th street, and take an immediate right onto Slaughterhouse Creek Road. In a quarter mile, look for the small parking area on the right.

This is an "Access Yes!" property