Thanks to the support of our community, what originally started as a small conservation easement has now become one of the most celebrated protected areas along the Big Wood River, and serves as one of the most important components of the Hailey Greenway. In 2018, the Colorado Gulch Preserve was expanded by nine acres thanks to the generosity of a silent donor and big fan of the Land Trust. This preserve is well-regarded as a community treasure, and rightfully so. With a multi-use trail system, protected river corridor, habitat for wildlife, and multiple ongoing restoration projects, this area has plenty to offer everyone in the Valley.

Partners: Landowners, Dr. Grant & Sheri Stevens

The Orchard at Colorado Gulch Preserve


The Wood River Land Trust is embarking on a community program that brings people together around food production while demonstrating how conservation and agriculture can go hand in hand. The historic homestead fruit orchards of the Wood River Valley have largely been converted to residential space. By hosting a two-acre orchard available to the public, the Land Trust will bring back fruit trees and shrubs that provide food for our community and habitat for wildlife. The orchard will be a place for students and adults to volunteer and learn about aspects of fruit tree production - planting, harvesting, pruning, watering - and how birds, insects, and other wildlife use orchards as habitats. Together, we can experience historic ways of life while preserving open space for our community. 

For more details on this project please download this pdf.

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Preserve Details

2016 (Colorado Gulch Bench acquired in 2018)
Acres Protected

Getting There

To get to the Colorado Gulch Preserve from downtown Hailey, head south on Main Street and take a right turn onto Cedar Street followed by an immediate left onto Broadford Road. After about a mile, take a right onto Colorado Gulch Road, and park in the gravel lot at the end of Colorado Gulch Road. 

This is an "Access Yes!" property

Preferred Entrance (Colorado Gulch Rd)


Entrance 2 (Red Feather Way)