Planned Giving Options
Meeting Your Charitable and Financial Goals

If you have a passion for land, water and wildlife conservation and wish to leave a legacy for future generations in the Wood River Valley, please consider making a planned gift to WRLT.  You can choose to support us in many different ways during your lifetime or upon your death. Planned gifts not only have an extraordinary impact on our work and help ensure our long term success and stability, but the method of giving you choose may offer significant benefits to you and your family.

Ways of Giving – Create Your Legacy

As an accredited land trust, we understand that permanent land protection requires a strong and solvent organization, a robust stewardship program to manage and defend protected lands, and a board of directors that excels at leading the organization. The accreditation seal guarantees you that we have the systems in place to ensure the long-term success of our organization and the permanent protection of the lands we together have protected.


We know that charitable giving is personal and that each gift is given thoughtfully. We welcome unrestricted gifts since such gifts provide the flexibility to use the funds where they are most needed. You may also assign your gift to a particular fund within WRLT (see funds below). By indicating unrestricted or the specific fund name, we will allocate your funds as you wish.

Open Space Fund: This fund is used to buy or otherwise protect land. It is used when we have to move quickly or risk losing a property. Properties whose protection was assisted by this fund include Rock Creek Ranch and Colorado Gulch.

Legacy Fund: This fund was created in the nature of an endowment fund. The principal of this fund is to produce income for operations in accordance with guidelines established by the Finance Committee and to provide a source of cash to meet emergency financial needs.

Kingman and Cindy Lambert
Members of the Wood River Land Trust since 2003


King graduated from the University of Virginia after World War II, and then spent 22 years as an aviator in the Marines. After he concluded his military career, he built and managed two tennis facilities in southern California. His top priorities are his wife Cindy, their two daughters and circuit tennis. In 1994, King and Cindy moved to Sun Valley where they reside for the majority of the year; the remaining time they spend in the California desert.

Why King and Cindy named the Wood River Land Trust as a beneficiary of a Charitable Remainder Trust:

“It’s quite obvious. The Land Trust does such a good job in this area, especially with the river.  Being close to the environment in which you live—it’s not only the way you live but what you participate in. The Land Trust understands that. There is no better place to contribute.”


After reviewing this information, we strongly recommend that you discuss your planned gift options with your attorney, accountant, or other financial advisors to determine how these options might affect your personal tax and estate planning objectives. Any advisor you consult can help you explore your options and make a planned gift advantageous for you, your family and WRLT. We also encourage you to contact us so that we can help you create your legacy and support your conservation goals.  Before making your planned gift, please establish that your gift aligns with your wishes while also supporting the mission of WRLT. Working together, we can help you maximize the positive impacts of your gift.

If you are interested in making a planned gift to benefit WRLT, we would be honored to work directly with you and your advisors to formulate a mechanism to carry out your wishes and achieve valuable tax savings. And if you wish, we would be honored to acknowledge your thoughtful preparation at a time you deem appropriate.

If you would like more information on planned giving please contact:

Courtney Jelaco
Director of Development
phone: 208-788-3947