Pioneers Craters

The presence of abundant wildlife is one of the key values people of all backgrounds most treasure about the region.  The Pioneers Craters landscape is home to a diverse array of wide-ranging and migratory wildlife species such as pronghorn, sage grouse, mule deer and eld, as well as large carnivores including wolves, mountain lions and black bears.  The abundance and diversity of wildlife are supported by the diversity of the landscape’s elevations which range from 4,000 feet to 12,000 feet, long free-flowing rivers and streams and their associated riparian habitats, extensive ungulate winter ranges, and the relatively unfragmented and undeveloped character of the land.

In order to document the status of wildlife populations and to guide our conservation and stewardship work, the Pioneers Alliance has conducted a number of wildlife science projects over the past year.  Three studies of particular interest have focused on pronghorn migration, mule deer migration, and sage-grouse.

The Alliance maintains a website: and periodically hosts public meetings and events in Carey.  Meetings are open to the public.  For information please contact Keri York, Director of Conservation, at 208-788-3947 or

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