Pioneers Alliance

By March 26, 2015June 8th, 2015Pioneers Alliance

The Pioneers Alliance is a cooperative effort by ranchers, local residents, conservationists, and public land managers to conserve and enhance the natural and cultural values of the Pioneer Mountains and Craters of the Moon landscape of south-central Idaho. The size and unspoiled nature of the Pioneers-Craters represents one of the great legacies that has been passed to us by previous generations, and is one of the gifts we can pass on to the next. This sense of legacy motivates and inspires the Pioneers Alliance to work at a large scale, one that matches the landscape itself.

At the heart of the work is conserving working lands and wild lands of the region. Many of the values cherished most about the region–working ranches, abundant migratory wildlife, backcountry hunting and recreation, spectacular vistas–require a large unspoiled landscape. The vision is of a unified approach–supported by private ranchers, federal and state officials, residents and conservationists–to managing the 2.6 million acre Pioneers-Craters landscape that will safeguard these values for the long term.

The Pioneers Alliance has worked on several fronts. First, local landowners, conservationists, Blaine County and federal agencies have worked to secure funding for the purchase of conservation easements on private ranchlands in the foothills portion of the landscape. Second, the group has worked with state and federal agencies throughout the region to influence land use decisions that impact the condition and character of the landscape. Recent examples include the Bureau of Land Management’s Craters of the Moon Resource Management Plan Amendment.

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