Fellow Land Trust staff member Mike McKenna and I joined a number of other local businesses at Atlantic Aviation – the private airplane hangar in Hailey – last Thursday night for the Wood River Business Expo. Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, the Expo was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the local community.

Mike McKenna - our Community Engagement Coordinator - representing the Land Trust.

Mike McKenna – our Community Engagement Coordinator – representing the Land Trust.

Surrounded by an impressive variety of planes, we set up our posters and pamphlets, and handed out Land Trust koozies, stickers, and buttons. We also chatted about Land Trust properties and their positive impacts on the community.

For most of us at the Land Trust, a majority of our time is spent in the office. But it was great to hear about the different activities that get people out on the land we work so hard to save and restore.

When asked what people love about the Land Trust, some mentioned hiking at Rock Creek Ranch, many others said they enjoyed walking with their dogs at Draper Wood River Preserve or strolling with friends at the Howard Preserve, but all agreed that Land Trust properties are an important part of what they love about the Wood River Valley.

What we do can be a little complicated to explain, but when you boil it down, our goal is to save land, water, and recreational opportunities for everyone in the Valley to enjoy forever.

We’re always trying to get the word out by attending various events throughout the area, but if you want more information about the Land Trust (or to sign up for our monthly e-blasts or seasonal newsletters), please call the office or email us at jbrownell@woodriverlandtrust.org. We want to hear from you!

By Josie Brownell


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