By Lauren Cord


The Draper Preserve is not only a beautiful home to many creatures, but it’s also a place where we all can come to play. People visit the preserve in the winter to walk, to Nordic ski, play with their dogs, or just to simply get out and breathe some fresh air.

I took some time on afternoon recently to photograph the Draper Preserve. When I was there I realized how unique and special the preserve really is. In one afternoon, I got to see numerous kinds of birds playing in the water, squirrels running through the trees, hawks stalking their pray, dogs running and playing and kids racing back and forth on the Bow Bridge. This may sound hectic and uninviting to some, but all the kids who were racing back and forth and the people who were walking their dogs had huge welcoming smiles on their facs. They were happy because they had a place to go where they were welcome to enjoy and have fun.


My pictures don’t come close to capturing the true beauty and excitement that can be found at the preserve, because a camera lens couldn’t possibly capture all the magic and beauty the place has to offer. But, hopefully, by seeing some of the my photos of the birds and the Bow

Bridge you’ll be able to understand what the Draper Preserve is all about. If you haven’t already experienced it, please visit it. You’ll be glad you did.


Lauren is a senior at The Sage School in Hailey and an intern for the Wood River Land Trust.

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