Draper Wood River Preserve

Acres Protected: 84
Completed:  2007
Public Benefits: Public Recreation, Scenic Views, Wildlife Habitat, Water Protection

The conservation of 84 forested acres along the Big Wood River in Hailey safeguards approximately a half-mile of river and important wetland habitat. Known as the Draper Wood River Preserve, this land forms the heart of the Hailey Greenway. The Preserve began with a 4-acre land donation, and in 2007 was enlarged through a land-swap with the Idaho Department of Lands. Since that time, Wood River Land Trust has worked to create a special place for the community by restoring habitat, providing recreational opportunities, and enhancing the river’s health in the Greenway.
The Preserve is a haven for wildlife and for people. School children visit the site often for biology classes, counting birds and mammals found there. During 2013, four different elementary classes helped re-plant native species in previously disturbed areas.

You can enjoy a picnic under the pavilion, catch a glimpse of moose, throw your line in the river for trout, and visit the Heart Tree, the Bow Bridge and the Croy Creek Wetlands Boardwalk. All this is made possible because of the generous support of our donors and partners.