Voting Form

The Wood River Water Collaborative is looking at funding projects with BOR grant funds.  After listening to the proposals during the meeting, please rank your voting choice.  Place a 1 next to your first choice, a 2 next to your second, a 3 next to your third, and a 4 next to your fourth choice.  After reviewing your choices, we will determine how many projects can be funded and at what funding amounts.  We will release the results of this vote to the Collaborative after at least 20 members have submitted a response.


Option A: Continue Surface Flow Prediction Modeling*1,2,3
Option B: BWCC North Shoshone Infrastructure Engineering*1,2,3
Option C: Water Rights Appraisal - The Nature Conservancy*1,2,3
Option D: Silver Creek Ground and Surface Water Interactions*1,2,3