Colorado Gulch Wire Cutting Opens More Public Access

50 hearty souls came out in the falling snow last week to cut down the barbwire and officially open up Colorado Gulch for public access.

It was a joyous occasion and we were delighted to share it with members of our staff and board of directors, the Mayor and City of Hailey staff, as well as members of the Chamber of Commerce.

When a short window to acquire 150 acres at Colorado Gulch presented itself in November we jumped on it. Even though we didn’t have the close to a million dollars we needed to pay for land and to do the improvements the access and river need, we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t afford to miss.

“If we didn’t make this happen, 50 years from now the community would never forgive us and we would never forgive ourselves. We had to make this happen for our community, for our river, for our home,” the Land Trust’s executive director, Scott Boettger said.

Thanks to the amazing support of community members like you, we have now been able to raise most of what we need to purchase, preserve and restore Colorado Gulch, but we could still use more help.

We would like to thank all who attended the historic wire-cutting event as well as the media who covered it: KMTV, the Idaho Mountain Express and Eye on Sun Valley.

We’d also like to thank Todd Hunter and his team at Idaho Lumber for loaning us some tools to cut the wire.

Locally-raised filmmaker Matt Larson, who now lives in Paris but was back in town visiting friends and family, was even kind enough to create a short film capturing the ceremony. Matt said opening Colorado Gulch to public access had long been a hope of his, too. We hope you enjoy this short video, and get to enjoy some time at the latest addition to the incredible open spaces we have.

On behalf of the Land Trust and all the people who love our Valley, Thank You for helping make this happen!

It’s taken nearly 12 years of dedicated work to finally bring this project to the community. It’s community members just like you who kept us at the table all these years. Please invest in our work to preserve the heart of the valley by making a year-end gift here.

If you would like to make an investment to complete the acquisition of Colorado Gulch, please contact Lisa Huttinger, Development Manager, for details:, or 208.788.3947. Thank you!


Cover Photo of the Big Wood River at Colorado Gulch by Ginna Parsons Lagergren.

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