For more than a dozen years now, we’ve been steadfastly working on a dream to open the land at Colorado Gulch to the community and to add it to the open space of the Hailey Greenway. We wanted to make sure this was a place that everyone could enjoy.

Today, that dream is a reality.

And because of the remarkable support of people like you in our community, we’re close to completing the funding for the acquisition. You’ve also brought us within reach of another dream – one we thought would take several more years to accomplish.

Since the Big Wood Assessment came out, we’ve realized our river is in trouble, and have been dreaming about rejuvenating it. Now that we own Colorado Gulch, we have the opportunity to restore the river through the entire Hailey Greenway. That’s nearly two miles of river, from the Bullion Bridge to Colorado Gulch. This is thrilling for so many reasons.

This stretch of river is the #1 priority area identified by the Big Wood Assessment (learn about the challenges our river faces here). And as the owners of the property, we won’t have to work around existing homes and flooding concerns. That means a more sustainable design that can reactivate the floodplain, and bring the river back to its natural state.

A resilient river, with healthier fish populations, and more places for the community not only to fish, but also to play. You can make this vision a reality. Thank you!!

Now is your chance to be a part of this legacy for the community.

If you love this valley, and want to ensure the Land Trust is there to protect all of the places you love, please make a year-end gift. You’ll keep us out there in the community, making sure we have access to what we love about life here in the Wood River Valley. You’ll secure your peace-of-mind that the open and wild places will remain that way forever.

If you would like to make an investment to complete Expansion and River Restoration of the Hailey Greenway, or would like more information on the projects, please contact Josie Brownell, Development Assistant, for details:, or 208.788.3947. Thank you!

Watch the Video Here!

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