Big Wood Home Rivers Initiative
Date of Project:  2014 to Present
Partners: Trout Unlimited

The Wood River Land Trust and Trout Unlimited are collaborating to achieve critical large-scale river and watershed protection goals in the Wood River Valley through the Home Rivers Initiative. In an effort to improve and maintain the health of the Big Wood River and its tributaries, the partners assess and improve the status of the Valley’s river system through a comprehensive analysis and implementation. We are at a critical time for translating scientific knowledge into actions on a strategic and broad scale— creating a healthy watershed for the benefit of the public and that of plants, fish and wildlife.

The time to act is now. Our rivers and streams are resilient and yet they face constant pressures from natural and man-made disturbances. You need to only look at the murky color of the Big Wood River from the mudslides of the Beaver Creek fire to see the enormous amount of siltation being carried downstream. These occurrences will have long-term effects on our fishery, our local economy, and our health. The Wood River Land Trust is currently working on a comprehensive strategy with Trout Unlimited, which brings their national experience to bear on our regional issues.

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