C.7.b How to conserve water icon photo

Conserving Water

C.7.c How to reduce chemical use icon photo

Reducing Chemical Use

C.7.d How to use native and drought tolerant plants icon photo

Using Native and Drought Tolerant Plants

C.7.e How to build healthy soils icon photo (c)Gerry Morrison

Building Healthy Soils

C.7.d Native and Drought tolerant page photo (c)Gerry Morrison

Changing to a Native Lawn

Trout Friendly Partners

Trout Friendly Partners

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Mission & Vision

What we do to our gardens, yards and lawns directly affects the health of our river and it’s fishery.  From over-watering to weed control, we can help guide you in becoming a practitioner of smart habitat conservation.  By joining Wood River Land Trust’s Trout Friendly (TF) program, you’ll receive invitations to weed and water seminars, garden tours, and a lovely lawn sign to display on your property.  Most importantly, you’ll save water and learn techniques which promote a healthier watershed for our community.